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Bright Gather is a small business located in rural Westlock County, Alberta. In 2020, we created a unique product line, focusing on bath & body products, loose leaf teas and seasonal goods. Our products are handmade in small batches using clean and natural ingredients.

We strive to limit our impact on the environment by using less plastic and producing minimal waste in the production of our products, we use reusable containers whenever possible, and recyclable and reusable shipping materials. Further, we offer local delivery to minimize our carbon footprint. 

In creating this product line our goal is to deliver a high quality, natural product to our customers to make non-toxic living accessible to everyone.

Our Story


An embrace felt, round the warm embers of the fireside. Hearing the silent noises of the forest, sitting, gathered with grateful hearts. To meet and be with others in the bright light, and share in the joy of togetherness. We are Bright Gather.

We make seasonal products with natural and locally sourced ingredients, foraging as much as possible from our northern wilderness. Our aim is to have a superior product in your hands, and for you to enjoy them in the company of others. 

Please reach out to us should you need anything. Until then, be well.

Ungr var ek forðum, Young was I once,

fór ek einn saman: fared I one together:

þá varð ek villr vega; thus became I (on) a bad way;

auðigr þóttumk, rich thought I myself, [I dared to think myself rich]

er ek annan fann; that I another found;

Maðr er manns gaman. a human being is of a human being pleasure.

Hávamál 47

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